Has Marvel’s ‘Planet Hulk/WorldWar Hulk’ Movie Rumors Been Debunked?

hollywood-movie-newsEarlier this month Latino-Review reported a rumor that Marvel was planning a Planet Hulk or World War Hulk movie. That the events would spin out of Avengers 2. As I’m sure many fans would be excited to see either of these stories done in a live-action movie. I know I would. But now it seems Ain’t It Cool News is debunking the rumor.
“According to my source, this just isn’t happening – not as long as Marvel’s got Mark Ruffalo committed to a six-picture deal as Bruce Banner. And that’s the primary issue with PLANET HULK: Banner isn’t in it at all (unless you count the WHAT IF… story where Banner is immediately killed upon reaching Sakaar).

To make sure, I went to a another source for confirmation, and they backed up every detail. PLANET HULK isn’t happening.”
This obviously makes sense in the big picture of things. I just wonder though if they couldn’t work around this some how. But just like the earlier report from Latino-Review, take it all as a rumor until some official word is said by Marvel themselves. (Source: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/notyetamovie/news/“>AICN)

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