Has Ben Kingsley’s “Secret Marvel Project” Been Revealed? [RUMOR]

hollywood-movie-newsRecently in an interview with The Belfast Telegraph, Sir Ben Kingsley briefly spoke about his “secret Marvel project.” Though he’s not allowed to share any details, he did say, I was with many members of the crew that were involved in Iron Man 3. It was lovely to see them again. He also mentioned how professional and great they are to work with.

But that doesn’t tell us exactly who he playing in this “secret project” now does it? Well according to Latino-Review, Marvel is doing a Marvel One Shot short film and it will feature the Mandarin. No, not “Trevor” Mandarin, but THE Mandarin. Everyone knows that many fans were not too happy in how they portrayed the character in Iron Man 3, so apparently Marvel is looking to rectify that. Will Kingsley be reprising the role? That is unknown.

I would still consider this rumor until some official word is said, but it certainly does sound plausible. What do you think? (Source: Latino-Review)


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