Groove Announces Sailor Moon Pullip Sailor Starlights Dolls

Groove Pullip Sailor Starlights DollsDollmaker Groove has announced they’ll continue their Pullip Sailor Moon offerings with the addition of the Sailor Starlights.

The Sailor Starlights are the trio of Sailor Scouts–comprised of Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Healer–who came to Earth in search of Princess Kakyuu. Each doll features character accurate dark blue two-piece outfits, knee-high boots, elbow-length gloves and golden tiaras. The dolls also include the unique accessories that set the trio apart: Star Maker with her long brown hair with brown eyes, violet choker and upper-arm protectors; Star Fighter with black hair, blue eyes, a light-blue choker and upper arm straps; and Star Healer with white hair, green eyes, green choker and wrist bracelets.

While the publicity photo shows the three Starlights photographed together, Groove has not revealed how the trio will be sold or provided pricing information. Bandai premium versions with exclusive accessories are expected, as they’ve been included with all of the Pullip Sailor Moon dolls so far.

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