Groove Announces Pullip Super Sailor Moon Doll

Pullip Super Sailor MoonDollmaker Groove is getting back in the groove with their Pullip Sailor Moon line, announcing a Super Sailor Moon Pullip doll.

The Pullip Super Sailor Moon doll stands approximately 12.2 inches tall and comes with rooted hair fashioned in an odango style. This time, Usagi’s eyes feature a heart-shaped light glare characteristic of her nature. As they’ve done with their previous Sailor Moon dolls, Groove ensured all the accoutrements are included with Super Sailor Moon. The doll is accessorized with a tiara, choker with heart-shaped jewel, pearl adorned hair berets and a Cosmic Heart compact. A doll stand and profile card are also included.

Groove’s Super Sailor Moon Pullip doll is priced ¥22,000, about $200, and is scheduled for release in July. A Bandai premium version of the doll with an exclusive school uniform will also be available, priced ¥27,000, about $245. The premium version is available exclusively in Japan through the Premium Bandai shop and ships in Aug.

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