Groot Sure Says A Lot in All-New X-Men #23 Variant Cover

comic-book-newsOne thing that Groot from the Guardians Of The Galaxy is known for is, that he only says “I am Groot!” Or so it seems. See that is what it sounds like to those that can’t understand him, his fellow Guardians hear him, but others just hear his trademark saying.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out the variant cover to All-New X-Men #23 by Dale Keown. It features Jean Grey and Groot, and Groot certainly has a lot to say to one of the original X-Men. Including a dislike of Latverians.

Along with the cover are some unlettered pages from the same issue to check out. Enjoy! (Via Bleeding Cool)

all-new-x-men-23-variant-cover-by-dale-keown all-new-x-men-23-cover all-new-x-men-23-preview-page-01 all-new-x-men-23-preview-page-02 all-new-x-men-23-preview-page-03

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