Grimskull’s Pet Wolf Stalker, Now Included In October Toys’ Kickstarter — Only 4 Days Left!

In an update today, October Toys have announced today that they are now including Grimskull‘s pet wolf, Stalker, with every Grimskull figure if their Kickstarter‘s $50,000 funding goal is met. Stalker was originally to be the first stretch goal. Now, with some behind-the-scenes dealings, they have now managed to include it with the figure.

So the second stretch goal now becomes the first stretch goal at $55,000, and that is a set of Lightstar Crystals. And not just one crystal, but two. There will be a solid version and a second cracked version as well. There is still much-needed to get this project fully funded. It sits just below half-way, so they could greatly use your help to make it a success. Don’t miss out on what looks like a great figure and help build the indy toy market up.

Pledge to the Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Kickstarter today!

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