Grab a Ticket for the Lego Fairground Mixer

Lego’s taking you to the fair with the latest addition to their line, the Fairground Mixer. Lego’s Fairground Mixer arrives for setup like you’d expect any fair to, by truck. Two large trucks transport the fairground booths, which include a dunk tank, strength test game, and ticket booth, as well as the main attraction, the mixer. Each station unfolds, when removed from the truck, for quick setup. The crank-powered, spinning mixer sits atop one of the trucks and even includes fencing to keep kids away from the darn wheels! The brick techs out there will be happy to know the mixer can be motorized with a LEGO Power Functions Motor. The Lego Fairground Mixer comes with 12 minifigures, including a juggling man on stilts and the obligatory carnie. The 1,746 piece set is priced at $149.99 with a June 2014 release exclusively at Lego Stores and

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