‘Gotham’ Series to Feature Rogues Gallery Origins, Ending with Bruce Wayne Taking up the Mantle of the Bat!

television-tv-news-and-talkOn days like today, it always feels like DC and Marvel try to out do each other with the latest movie or television news. Before Marvel announced Michael Douglas as Hank Pym today, Fox dropped a little bit of goodness today. Fox president Kevin Reilly shared with fans an update on the Gotham television series coming to Fox later this year.

Unlike other superhero shows, Reilly cryptically and gently snarked, that dance around the incorporation of popular names, “This is all of the classic Batman characters, with a young Bruce Wayne, the Penguin, the Riddler [and] how they came to be…. What events led up to [someone] becoming Catwoman…. all with Gotham teetering on the edge.”

Asked to expound on the presence of Bruce Wayne — a character heretofore declared basically untouchable by shows such as Smallville and Arrow — Reilly made clear: “We will arc a young Bruce Wayne from a child” of about 12 until whenever the series finale might be, at which point he “puts on the cape.”

Is this a sign that DC/Warner Bros. is finally getting what fans want to see? Have they taken a look at what is making Arrow a hit with fans and applying it to their upcoming shows? I certainly hope so. Gotham didn’t sound bad before, but these latest details definitely make it sound a lot better. Gotham will debuting in the summer on Fox. (Source: TVLine)

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