Google’s April Fools’ Prank May Be a Trick on Your Workday Productivity

Google Pac-Man Game

Google is turning the world into a game of Pac-Man. The silicon valley search company has created a playable version of the arcade classic using the road infrastructure of their Google Maps engine. The Google Maps Pac-Man game is complete with ghosts Inky (blue), Blinky (red), Pinky (pink…duh!) and Clyde (orange) as well as ghost chopping power pellets that you collect as you traverse Pac-Man through the streets of most any neighborhood of your choosing. Pac-Man can be accessed on Google Maps by clicking the Pac-Man icon in the lower-left hand corner of any Google map, but hurry and get your fill as the game is an April Fools’ prank that may soon disappear. Good luck getting any work done today!

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