Good Smile Company’s Kirby Nendoroid Figure Puts New Spin on Articulation

Good Smile Company CEO Aki Takanori posted a video on Twitter showing off the ingenious articulation of GCC’s Kirby Nendoroid figure.

Using magnets, the Nendoroid Kirby has arms and feet that can be adjusted to just about any position imaginable, allowing for endless poseability of the pink puff. Takanori also noted that Kirby has a rubber-like coating for better traction and adhesion of the magnets. GCS’s Kirby is slated for release this month and includes 4 interchangeable facial expressions, Sword and Fire Ability parts, and the Star Rod.

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  • Mario J. Vilchez

    Take my money!
    Whens the drop date?!

    • No specific drop date has been given, which leads me to believe this is going to slip its Jan. launch date, as is common with Good Smile. My best guess based on seeing these things in the past is that we’ll see it sometime in the first quarter of 2016.