Good Smile Company Announces Figma Sword Art Online II Kirito Figure

Figma Kirito Alfheim Online VersionGood Smile Company has annound their second Kirito figure from the Sword Art Online series, this time based on the Alfheim Online (ALO) story arc.

The Figma Kirito figure stands 5.7 inches tall and features Figma’s smooth, posable joints for hyper-articulated posing. The figure is styled after the Spriggan Kirito fairy design seen in the VRMMORPG and has removable articulated wings. Kirito includes grinning, teeth clenched and surprised expressions and is armed with the black Unity Walks sword, as well as the legendary Excalibur sword. An articulated Figma stand is also included.

Good Smile Company’s Sword Art Online II Kirito Figma figure is priced ¥4,910, about $43, and is available for pre-order, now, in Japan. The figure is scheduled for an Aug. release.

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