Good Smile Company Announces Figma and Nendoroid Figures Based on Valve’s DOTA 2

Figma WindrangerGood Smile Company has announced a pair of new Figma and Nendoroid figures based on Valve Corp.’s multiplayer online battle DOTA 2.


To start, Good Smile Company is giving the Nendoroid treatment to two DOTA 2 characters including Mirana, the Princess of the Moon. Mirana comes with her trusty lunar ore tipped bow and an arrow of light for unleashing her paralyzing Sacred Arrow attack. The huntress also includes a “Nendroidified” version of her companion snowlion Nooshi.

Joining Mirana is melee fighter Dragon Knight. Clad in armor and equipped with a sword and shield, Dragon Knight includes a small dragon, which he can take the form of as he evolves later in the game. Don’t let the dragon’s diminutive size fool you, it’s one of the most dangerous beasts in DOTA 2 and is capable of eliminating multiple enemies in one fell swoop.

Both the Nendoroid Mirana and Nendoroid Dragon Knight are available for pre-order now at the Valve store. Each figure is priced $45 and both are expected to ship Sept. 1.


In addition to the two new Nendoroid figures, Good Smile Company has announced a pair of Figma figures featuring more character-accurate interpretations of DOTA 2‘s Windranger and Anti-Mage.

Lyralei the Windranger features Figma’s super articulated body allowing the figure to be displayed in any number of graceful poses synonymous with the master archer from the western forest. The Windranger includes a bow, arrow and quiver, as well as a cloak that aides her in blending into her surroundings.

As the lone survivor of a monastery slaughtered by the Legion of the Dead God, the Anti-Mage escaped with a few prized scrolls that have guided him since his youth. Witnessing the carnage of the monastery attack, Anti-Mage has sworn to destroy the Legion of the Dead God’s forces and put an end to magic altogether. Anti-Mage is super-articulated, has an adjustable lower tunic and includes two mana break effects.

Both the Figma Windranger and Anti-Mage are available for pre-order now at the Valve store. Each figure is priced $60 and the pair are scheduled for release on Sept. 1.

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