Go Hero Teases The Original Space Girl, Whilma Deering Sixth Scale Figure

The original Space Girl is about to return from the future. Go Hero has announced the first ever figure based on the fictional character, Whilma Deering. Though this is not the Deering most of us are familiar with, that being the one portrayed by Erin Gray in the 1979 Buck Rogers movie and following series, but one taken from her 1928 pulp era origins. The Go Hero figure will feature their new Phicen jointed body and comes with a variety of accessories that includes: “Rocket Pistol”, belt, buckle, holster, four sets of hands/gloves, leather boots, anti-gravity leather “jump belt” with disc, NEW bubble helmet, NEW pilot cap with moving visor. She will feature a classic outfit and come with a figure stand. A full unveiling is still to come, along with pricing. We’ll be sure to update once that becomes available.


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