The GIJCC Unveils 2015 JoeCon Exclusive Undertow Officer Figure

Earlier today, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club unveiled the latest figure in their 2015 JoeCon Exclusive Convention 3.75″ Figure Set. This latest figure is from the Iron Grenadiers side and might be a surprise to many. The figure is the Undertow Officer, but instead of just a repainted Undertow, this figure is a female officer.

Not something many would expect, but a definite nice change I might add. Props to the GIJCC for going this route. The only bad thing about this figure is it seems to be using the 25th Anniversary Diver Baroness figure, which wasn’t that great of a figure to begin with. Guess it will have to do though. Check out the Undertow Officer below. and stay tuned for more reveals to come from the set.

– 25th Anniversary Modern Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure
– New South African FEMALE Character in Iron Grenadier Deco
– Includes Cobra Logo Stand, Removable Classic Scuba Mask, Harness, Scuba Tank Backpack, Pistol, Trident Spear, Swim Fins, and Barracuda.

(Note: Photo depicts mock up and final product may slightly differ.)



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