G.I. Joe is Dead, Long Live G.I. Joe!

toy-news-and-talkJust wanted to give a heads up on something I wrote. I was asked by Jay Cochran of ToyNewsi.com to put something together on the current status of G.I. Joe. I’ve discussed it a couple of times on Twitter along with some fellow collectors, but this is something more in-depth, more than Twitter’s 140 character limitation will allow.

Let me preface it by saying, G.I. Joe is my favorite line from the ’80s. For me there was nothing better. Sure I collected other things as a kid, but G.I. Joe was it. So to see the current status of the line is kind of sad, but at the same time I think it has had a 30 plus year run at retail. That is truly impressive by most standards.

So head on over to TNI and read my editorial piece, “G.I. Joe is dead, long live G.I. Joe” and let me know what you think, either in the comments section there, or here, just below. Thanks, I look forward to hearing what you think.

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  • Robert Carson Mataxis

    We are thinking the same thing, go big (cartoon, comic, toys ALL IN SYNC) or don’t go at all… at least until you can go big. We’ve seen nough half measures and poorly coordinated efforts in various mediums from Hasbro over the past several years.


    • It does look like we do. I want the best for the brand and if that means a multi-year hiatus, then it should happen. These last few years just feel like sad attempts regaining market share that end in failure.

      • Robert Carson Mataxis

        Agreed. The brand is on collector life support and has been for years. If they can’t connect with new fans via a well coordinated, multi-channel roll out, then the brand could die for good… and that would be heart breaking.

        • I hope that is something I was getting across too. That connecting with a new audience is critical, and that also starts with strong retail support.

  • SS210

    On the toys front, Lets say Gi Joe was still everywhere retail. We would still have a shortage of figures since we have already just about gotten 80% of all the original 80s ARAH figures anyway. So in other words , there not many more characters to release, period. Now with media, yes please give me a gi joe game on the same level as High Moons Transformers cybertron series.

    • I think one of the most successful and popular versions of Joe in recent years is Pursuit Of Cobra. Which was reenvisioning the characters. So there is still life in the line, but it needs to find a larger audience to grow. With waning support for our military involvement in the Middle East and war in general, it is hard to do that.