‘George of the Jungle 2′ Star Christopher Showerman Cast As Tor(-An) On SUPERGIRL


In a press announcement we received, it has been revealed that Christopher Showerman (George of the Jungle 2) has been cast in the role of Tor (or better known as Tor-An) on Supergirl. Showerman will be appearing in the episode titled “Blood Bonds” when the hit CBS series returns from its mid-season break on the Monday, Jan. 4th. The character Tor is featured as a follower of the show’s villain Non (Chris Vance). It is believed that this will be a recurring role throughout the rest of the season.

Here’s a little fun fact about this casting news, Showerman was one of the contenders for Supergirl’s famous cousin about ten years ago; the bodybuilder and actor vied for the title role in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, but the role eventually went Brandon Routh–who is now The Atom on Arrow and the upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow series.


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