Gentle Giant’s G.I. Joe Rock ‘N Roll Jumbo Figure Pre-Orders Now Available

First officially announced a few months back during Comic-Con, Gentle Giant LTD. revealed they would be adding G.I. Joe to their 12″ Jumbo Figures they produce. Already a successful line with Star Wars leading the way, G.I. Joe is heading our way. The first figure in the line will be the Joe’s original machine gunner, Rock ‘N Roll.

One of the original 13 figures/characters, the figure stands 12-inches tall and was scanned from his original 3.75″ 1982 action figure. He comes with the standard issue G.I. Joe helmet and his trademark M-60 machine gun. It is priced at $90 and will arrive in the 3rd quarter of 2015. Online retailer BigBadToyStore has it up for pre-order and priced at $80.99, a $9 savings. Check out the gallery of Rock ‘N Roll Jumbo Figure images below.

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