Gentle Giant LTD. Announces Batman: The Animated Series and Super Powers 12″ Jumbo Figures

Big announcement today from Gentle Giant LTD. Their Jumbo Figures will be growing a bit bigger with the additions of some popular DC Comics characters, that will be coming in January 2016. First up they have announced that 12″ Jumbo Figures based on the popular 90’s cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series. So far it looks like there will at least be a Batman and a Robin figure made using scans of the 1993 5″ Kenner figures.

Along with the Batman: TAS figures, Gentle Giant will also be producing Jumbo Figures based on the Kenner Super Powers figures. Using figures from the 1984 line, they have scanned them to produce these 12″ figures. It looks like they will be starting with Superman and Wonder Woman.

Both series of figures are made from high quality vinyl, and some ABS plastic parts. Many of the figures will include fabric capes and accessories. They will also feature retro art packaging, and come in a protective resealable blister pack. (Source: AFI)

gentle-giant-batman-tas-12-inch-jumbo-figures gentle-giant-super-powers-12-inch-jumbo-figures

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