GameStop Is Going Retro Effective Immediately!

This is a sure sign that retro gaming movement continues to grow. GameStop announced today that both online and their retail outlets, will now offer old school gaming consoles and games. Has anyone been to a GameStop lately? With their ThinkGeek acquisition opening the door for figure collectables and now this, GameStop is going to get pretty crowded. I am thrilled to have a new spot to hunt down some old consoles and games though. So, what you think? Good or bad move? (Source: GameInformer)


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  • I’ve nothing but horrible experiences with Game Stop. I can’t imagine this will go any better! There are also plenty of people on Twitter & Instagram selling/trading retro games. A much better way to find a deal.

  • SS21O

    True . Going by early reports, the pricing will be similar to EBay. I think this will all be about impulse and convenient purchasing for me at the counter though. Lol , if I see Contra : Alien Wars, odds are , it’s coming home