Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4 Preview: Will Sansa Reach Castle Black?

Unfortunately, we may see another instance of the separated Stark children missing yet another opportunity to reunite as the trailer for the fourth episode in season six of Game of Thrones, titled Book of the Stranger, suggests Sansa, Brienne, and Pod have reached Castle Black looking for Jon Snow. A resurrected Jon Snow oversees the hanging of his Night’s Watch betrayers, but declares his watch as Lord Commander is over as he heads toward the doors of Castle Black. It appears that a reunion is unlikely.

One reunion that will take place is the one between the Greyjoys as Theon makes his way back to the Iron Islands to his sister Yara, who must inform Theon of his father’s “fall” from power.

In Meereen, things may be making a turn for the better as Tyrion appears to have leverage to strike a deal with those funding the Sons of Harpy. In the meantime, Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis have tracked Daenerys to a Dothraki camp where she’s being held and attempt to free the mother of dragons to return her to Meereen, where she’s needed.

Finally, in King’s Landing, the Jaime and Cersei try to improve their situation as the Faith of the Seven tightens its grip on the city. Could an alliance between the Lannisters and Tyrells be the solution to returning Cersie to power and freeing Loras and Margaery from imprisonment?

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