Is G.I. Joe To Find New Life In 2015?

In the latest issue of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club magazine, it has been announced that Mark Weber is the new Brand Manager for G.I. Joe. There has been some discussion of Weber taking over the brand leading up to this announcement, along with some rumors of new product, including a 6″ G.I. Joe line. From the sounds of things, he is very excited in taking over the brand, with some great things planned.

“For the most part, our biggest plans will be centered around future entertainment – the kind of stuff I can’t talk about just yet. We are finalizing our 2015 plans and expect to deliver a lineup constructively similar to 2014 – with popular characters and vehicles, as well as a few NEW Surprises. If things go as planned, we will have an update to reveal at JoeCon in Springfield.”

“We want to have stronger, more consistent dialogue with the collectors and fans. We want collectors to have NEW vehicles and playsets to energize the brand to a new generation of kids and a fantastic new feature film that is faithful to the soul of the brand (action, fun, weapons, vehicles). Two things I want to prioritize right away – I want to enable and simplify army building for Collectors, and I want the file cards to be brilliant for our characters.”

Is this enough to give this struggling brand a new lease on life at retail? What kinds of things do you think it has planned? With “a lineup constructively similar to 2014″, could we see more 50th style figures and surprises? Hopefully we’ll learn some things at Toy Fair 2015 in February, and more at JoeCon in April. (Via HT)

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  • SS21O

    I am in the “keeping fingers crossed for either a ARAH 6 in line, or a completely new roster with new animated series” camp.