“G.I. Joe Special Ops” Target DPCI Numbers

toy-news-and-talkWell we might not know exactly what “G.I. Joe Special Ops” is, but I have for you the Target DPCI numbers to help in your hunt for when we do find out what it is. The “Special Ops Blind Packs” number is 087-06-1481 and “Special Ops Single Packs” is 087-06-1484. So write those down for later reference. And be sure to check back this Saturday when we will be reporting live from the Hasbro Toy Fair Press Event.

UPDATE: According to the source I received the DPCI numbers, and discussion around the G.I. Joe community, the “G.I. Joe Special Ops” is the same as the G.I. Joe: Micro Force mini-figures out now. So the numbers above apply to the Micro Force Starter Sets and Blind Packs.

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