G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Teases Figure Subscription Service 2.0, Coming Soon! *UPDATED*

toy-news-and-talkThe G.I. Joe Collectors’s Club has posted an image on their Facebook page, the image teasing their Figure Subscription Service (FSS) 2.0. First briefly mentioned at the 2012 JoeCon, and then further discussed at the 2013 JoeCon, it is close to being ready for public consumption. If you recall, the FSS 2.0 line-up includes: Admiral Keelhaul, Airtight (Brazilian Tiger Force), Big Bear (Oktober Guard), Bombardier, Cesspool, Cobra Desert Scorpion, Dragonsky (Oktober Guard), Lt. Falcon (Night Force), Shipwreck (Brazilian Tiger Force), Skull Buster, Tollbooth and Wide Scope (S.W.A.T.). They should start posting images of the line-up soon, then pre-orders should start soon after. So stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. (Source: Facebook)

UPDATE: Well, like I said, it would start soon, the first images of four figures have been posted and they are “Tiger Force” Airtight, Dragonsky, “Night Force” Lt. Falcon, and Skull Buster. They have also started taking pre-orders too. The pre-orders will run through May 22nd for those that are interested.


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