Further Evidence the Dinobots Are Coming in ‘Transformers 4′

hollywood-movie-newsSo we have heard rumblings of the Dinobots being Transformers 4 for a while now. But it has been denied more than once. Recently we got a look at a call sheet (that was removed at Paramount’s request) that pretty much confirmed the Dinobots were in the movie. Now to add to that, Seibertron staff were out taking pictures of the filming of Transformers 4 in Chicago and snapped a shot of a crew member wearing a hat. So what is so interesting about the hat? Well it is sporting an updated Transformers 4 logo that has claw marks on it. Now this doesn’t 100% scream Dinobots, but certainly lends some credibility to the call sheet.

In addition to the photo, an image of a Toys R Us document surfaced thanks to Twitter use demoncarnotaur. The document shows that Toys R Us will be featuring a Transformers 4 Dinobot themed display in June 2014. So I think it is a safe bet to say that Grimlock and crew are coming. Now what will they look like is the big question. (Source: Seibertron & Twitter)

transformers-4-chicago-shoot-image-01 transformers-4-chicago-shoot-image-01a toys-r-us-document

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