Funko’s Legacy 6-Inch ‘Game of Thrones’ Figures Have Hit Retail!

toy-news-and-talkThis is interesting, the Game of Thrones Legacy 6-Inch Figures from Funko have arrived at retail. Without even a pre-order online, these figures have slipped into Barnes & Noble stores. Possibly there is an exclusive “first rights” to them before others are able to sell them? That is the only thing I can think of here.

The first wave consists of Jon Snow (#1), Tyrion Lannister (#2), The Hound (#3), White Walker (#4), Daenerys Targaryen (#5), and Ned Stark (#6). These look great, right along the lines of Star Wars Black 6-inch figures, which is what Funko has said all along. With thanks to PoeGhostal for the heads up on this. I’ve posted just a few images below, but there are others to check out over at PoeGhostal’s site and Preternia if you are interested. (Source: Preternia)

UPDATE: PoeGhostal has come across more information that tells us that the Funko Game of Thrones Legacy figure have a street date of 2/15. That is this coming Saturday!

funko-game-of-thrones-legacy-6-inch-figures funko-game-of-thrones-legacy-6-inch-jon-snow funko-game-of-thrones-legacy-6-inch-the-hound funko-game-of-thrones-legacy-6-inch-white-walker funko-game-of-thrones-legacy-6-inch-daenerys-targaryen funko-game-of-thrones-legacy-6-inch-ned-stark

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  • Sylvie Lemaitre

    Hi, do you have more figurs ?