Funko Unveils Three for Latest Hikari Friday: Skeletor, Creature and Frankenstein

toy-news-and-talkThis week for Funko’s Hikari Friday reveal comes three great looking vinyl figures. Joining this growing line are Grey Skull Skeletor, Gemini Collectibles Exclusive Gold Secret Base Creature Premium and Gemini Collectibles Mythos Frankenstein Hikari Sofubi Figures. Skeletor is limited to 1000 pieces, Creature to 500 and Frankenstein to 750.

You can win one of these limited edition figures from Funko before they are released. For your chance to win one, follow one of their social media outlets, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If you are not a lucky winner, keep an eye out for the Mystic Powers Frankenstein Hikari Sofubi Figure in November at retailers, the exclusives at Gemini Collectibles, plus Entertainment Earth. (Source: Funko)

funko-grey-skull-skeletor-hikari-sofubi-vinyl-figure funko-mythos-frankenstein-hikari-sofubi-vinyl-figure funko-gemini-collectibles-exclusive-gold-secret-base-creature-premium-hikari-sofubi-vinyl-figure

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