Funko Marvel Mystery Minis Series 1 Figures Hi-Res Images and Case Ratios

toy-news-and-talkA little over a week ago, we got a first look at Funko’s Marvel Mystery Mini figures. The first series will consist of: Galactus, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Phoenix (Jean Grey), Loki, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, Thanos, Ultron, Green Goblin, Punisher, the Hulk, and Silver Surfer.

Now we have a better look with a higher-res image, plus a breakdown of the case rarity. Most of the 2.5″ bobblehead mini figures are 2 per 24, with the exception of Dark Phoenix who is 1 per 24, Thanos & Ultron who are 1 per
72 and Deadpool w/guns & Loki w/staff which are 1 per 144. With there being 24 blind boxes in a case, some of these will be pretty difficult to get your hands on. Which really sucks, I definitely wanted a Thanos and probably a Ultron.

Each blind box should be priced between $5 to $6 each. Not sure when these will be available, as I haven’t seen any details on a release date, but it sounds like soon. (Source: Marvel)

funko-marvel-mystery-minis-series-1-packaging funko-marvel-mystery-minis-series-1-line-up funko-marvel-mystery-minis-series-1-case-ratio-breakdown

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