Funko Has Announced Science Fiction Mystery Minis! Your Wallet Now Weeps

toy-news-and-talkFunko has announced their domination of the world today. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but they are certainly dominating toy collectors. With a very impressive stable of licenses, Funko has brought all kinds of goods to the masses. Today, they have announced even more great collectibles with the unveiling of the Science Fiction Mystery Minis.

These latest Mystery Minis include well-known sci-fi characters from past and present, such as Predator, Aliens, E.T., RoboCop, Judge Dredd, Firefly, Rocketeer, Tron, Mars Attack, Spock (Star Trek), Metaluna Mutant, and Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet). There are even some great rare variants to hunt down (if that is your thing). Check out the official images of the Science Fiction Mystery Minis below, then look for them on sale in September. (Source: Funky)

funko-science-fiction-mystery-minis funko-science-fiction-mystery-minis-line-up funko-science-fiction-mystery-minis-ratios

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