Funko Announces New Pop! Anime Vinyl With Tokyo Ghoul and Bleach


Today Funko has announced two new additions to their Pop! Anime lineup with vinyl figures based on the popular Tokyo Ghoul and Bleach series. From the Tokyo Ghoul anime series comes the terrifying one-eyed ghoul known as Ken Kaneki and fan favorite Touka Kirishima, both are ghouls imitating humans in the underworld of Tokyo who were just trying to live normal lives. And from the popular anime series Bleach, comes Ichigo and Rukia, the main characters of the series, whom defend humans from evil spirits and guide souls into the afterlife while obtaining new powers of a Soul Reaper. Funko says these are available now, possibly at Hot Topic. Online retailers show pre-orders only with a February 2016 release date. So your mileage may vary on availability.

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