The Full Rundown For Tonight’s 481 Universe Sale, Plus Final Figure Reveal!

toy-news-and-talkOver at the 481 Universe blog, they have posted a full rundown of what to expect for tonight’s sale. I’ve already posted about a few of the reveals, but along with the Hades Force Midur & Nach, and Spectre Leyden and Glow In The Dark Outlander; we can look forward to Outlander in Ultra-Silver and as a Red Rebellion!

Hades Force Midur is priced at $12 each, with Nach at $10 each. Spectre Leyden will be priced at $12 each, Glow In The Dark & Red Rebellion Outlanders at $10 each, with Ultra-Silver Outlander at $8.

There are some Accessory Packs available too, the Glow In The Dark, Ultra-Silver and Red Rebellion feature new heads and parts. They will be available for $8 each. There is a Metallic Black Accessory Pack with a helmet, head and parts for $4. All of these go on sale tonight, Sunday, April 6th at 8pm EST in the 481 Universe store.

481-universe-hades-forcer-midur-gitd 481-universe-hades-forcer-nach-gitd 481-universe-spectre-leyden-gitd 481-universe-gitd-outlander 481-universe-ultra-silver-outlander 481-universe-red-rebellion-outlander 481-universe-accessories-pack-ultra-silver 481-universe-accessories-pack-gitd 481-universe-accessories-pack-red-rebellion 481-universe-accessories-pack-black-metallic

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