Fresh Monkey Fiction Unveils Next Figure In Their Amazing Hero Line, The Golden Age Dare-Devil

toy-news-and-talkThis week Fresh Monkey Fiction revealed the next figure in their Amazing Heroes Series of action figures. Joining the line up of other golden age greats such as The Black Terror and Stardust the Super Wizard, is Dare-Devil. No, not Marvel’s Dardevil, but a character from the golden age of comics. First appearing during the 1930s–1940s, the character is now in the public domain.

So who is the golden age Dare-Devil?

As a child, Bart Hill was witness to his parents’ brutal murder while they were stationed in the Australian outback. The murderer branded Bart with a hot iron, leaving a boomerang-shaped scar on the left side of his chest. Bart was then raised by a tribe of aborigines who taught him the art of using boomerangs. As an adult, he returned to the U.S., developed a costume and took to the streets as the vigilante crime-fighter Dare-Devil.

The action figures in this line harken back to something closer to vintage toys, which is what they are going for. They feature five points of articulation and stand 4.5 inches tall. Check out the image of Dare-Devil below, along with the earlier reveals. The last figure will be shown next week. (Source: FMF)

amazing-heroes-series-1-dare-devil amazing-heroes-series-1-the-black-terror-figure amazing-heroes-series-1-stardust amazing-heroes-series-1-line-up

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