Fox May or May Not Be Scrapping ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Director and Writer, Depends Who You Believe

hollywood-movie-newsAn interesting rumor surfaced on Friday. According to Bleeding Cool, 20th Century Fox is looking to replace Fantastic Four reboot director Josh Trank and the script written by Simon Kinberg, and are actively looking for replacements for each.

It even goes as far as to say they are looking to recast their leads. Now, the Fantastic Four reboot has been plagued with tons of rumors so far, so it is hard to believe anything that is reported. unless it actually comes from Fox themselves in an official statement.

According to screencrush and CBR, this latest rumor is not true. They both report that studio representatives have responded to inquiries on the rumor and have denied it. So is it just the studio trying to save face for now, or is this just another fabricated news report by someone looking to get a little attention? I’m going with the latter. The Fantastic Four reboot is scheduled to be released on June 19, 2015. (Via CBR)

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