Fox Is Apparently Airing ‘Almost Human’ Out of Order, Will This Be Another ‘Firefly’?

television-tv-news-and-talkFirst, I don’t think it is time to panic, yet. Seems that Fox is up to their usual of ruining a good show thing again. Apparently they are airing the Almost Human episodes out-of-order. Based on what TVOverMind is reporting, the episodes have been airing as: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3. Last I checked, that isn’t how you count Fox.

Fans will probably recall that they did the same thing to the sci-fi series Firefly, which made the show somewhat confusing at times and disjointed. Now they are doing it to Almost Human. This does not look good.

TVOverMind is also reporting that the viewer numbers are low, and the show might not get picked up for a full season, let alone a second. Is the out-of-order airing of the episodes to blame? Is there enough confusion that audiences are tuning out?

I really hope not. It is hard to find good sic-fi on television. Especially one that can last more than a season. Almost Human has turned into a must watch show for me. If it fails because of Fox screwing with it, then I think I’ll be done with that network. What do you think? (Source: TVOverMind)

UPDATE 12/8: Based on TVbytheNumbers prediction, Almost Human is likely to be cancelled. They are saying that the backorder of episodes won’t even be picked up either. This is one time I’m really hoping they are wrong.

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