Four More LEGO Movie Sets for Summer 2014 Discovered

toy-news-and-talkWith a big thanks to Canticleer blues on Eurobricks and PhoncipleBone on NeoGAF, we have an idea of what the last four sets from The LEGO Movie line will be. The first sets will be available starting next month, these remaining sets sometime in the summer. The images show us:

  • The LEGO Movie — Benny’s Spaceship
  • The LEGO Movie — Emmet’s Construction Mech
  • The LEGO Movie — Police Dropship
  • The LEGO Movie — Metalbeard’s Ship

The image for the Metalbeard’s Ship is a staff photo at some event that very blurry and hard to make out things, but you can see a pirate ship along with a couple of the other sets mention.

Speculation as to which minifigures will be include with each set are — Benny’s Spaceship: Benny, Wildstyle, Astro Kitty and possibly some Robo SWATs; Emmet’s Construction Mech: Emmet, Robo-skeleton, and possibly another minifigure; the Police Dropship: Batman, Emmet, Johhny Thunder, possibly Lloyd, and two Robo SWATs; and lastly Metalbeard’s Ship: Metalbeard, Vitrivius, Benny, and some minifigure in green. (Via The Brick Fan)

lego-movie-2014-bennys-ship-01 lego-movie-2014-bennys-ship-02 lego-movie-2014-emmets-construction-mech-01 lego-movie-2014-police-dropship-01

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