Four Horsemen’s Mythic Legions Kickstarter Campaign Is Now Live!

It is now live! The Kickstarter for the Four Horsemen’s new Mythic Legions line of 6″ action figures. Pledges can be any dollar amount, even $1, but the goods start at $16 where you get Mythic Legions Art Book. To get one of the Mythic Legions 6″ figures, you need to pledge $30 or more. From there are more than a few figures that can be picked from. The goal for this project is $140,000 and stretch goals start at $150,000 and every $10,000 after that unlocks another figure. You can also do add-ons, if you pledge $45 for one figure, you can add $33 for a lower tier one too. Head on over to the Mythic Legions Kickstarter page to get the full details and make your pledge today!

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