Four Horsemen Reveal The Raven and Variants Images and Details

toy-news-and-talkRecently announced from the Four Horsemen Toy Design was their next update to their in-house brand, Gothitropolis. The latest additions is the avian warrior, The Raven figure and variant versions. Along with The Raven, there are currently ten variant figures, they include The White Raven, The Cardinal, The Griffen, The Falcon, The Owl, The Rooster, The Vulture, The Phoenix, The Quetzalcoatl and Minotaur the Duck. The Four Horsemen plan to do a Kickstarter project to get The Raven and variants into production. There will be more information available soon on how you can help. Of the variants shown, this may or may not be all of them. That is dependent on how well the Kickstarter project goes and whether and toy news websites or toy retailers are interested in selling their own variant of The Raven. While we wait for more information to be shared, check out the monster gallery of images mirrored below. (Source: FH)

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