Forget God of Thunder, Thor Is Now God of The Box Office!

hollywood-movie-newsThe Marvel train just keeps on chugging. In the second film since the billion dollar grossing Avengers blockbuster, Thor: The Dark World dominated the box office in its opening weekend, pulling in $86.11 million and an astounding $327 million worldwide.

In a somewhat surprising turn, Disney’s Thor: The Dark World earned $86.11 million over its first weekend. I say surprising because of how comparatively not front loaded it turned out to be. Thor: The Dark World earned 8% of its weekend figure from Thursday grosses, which is far less than Iron Man 3 ($15.6m/$174m) and identical to The Avengers, which scored both of which scored 9% of its weekend figure via Thursday midnight grosses ($18.75m/$207m). It also set an opening weekend record of sorts for Marvel, pulling in the least front-loaded Friday-Sunday debut weekend of any of their films, for a franchise-high 2.7x weekend multiplier

I must admit, I really enjoyed the sequel and I think it’s a great story for actor Chris Hemsworth who at one point had to live in his agents pool house while he waited for a job in Hollywood. Will be interesting to see how well the third film Captain America: The Winter Soldier will do, post Avengers in comparison to Thor and Iron Man’s latest silver screen appearances. (Source: Forbes)

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