The Flash Speeds Into CW’s Fall TV Lineup

There’s more DC coming to TV this fall as The Flash sprints into the CW’s 8-9 P.M. time slot on Tuesdays. The Flash spins off the popularity of CW’s other DC superhero series,  Arrow, which wrapped up its second season this week. In addition to a teaser trailer introducing The Flash, a five minute extended trailer that gives you a jump start on the Barry Allen back-story is also available.

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  • Mike_5555

    I’m a big fan of Arrow and this trailer was great. Can’t wait!

    • I’m embarrassed to admit I never watched the Arrow. I was excited for the series when it was announced at Comic-Con a few years back, but missed the premier and was too far behind to catch up. This might be a Netflix binge watch for me in the future. What would you say it compares to? Early Smallville?

      • Mike_5555

        I actually never watched Smallville. I didn’t watch the first season of Arrow when it aired but I caught up on Netflix before the season 2 premiere. The first season was good but season 2 took it to a whole other level. Arrow really found its footing in the second season, which just wrapped up. I’m not really sure what to compare it to, it has a Batman-vibe I guess. It can be cheesy at times in a very comic book kind of way but it can also be dark and gritty. Arrow balances humor and the more serious story elements very well too. I recommend checking it out.

        • Adding it to the Netflix queue tonight. May be doing a binge watch if I like it :)

        • Watched 5 episodes and it’s fantastic so far! If the second season is even better than wow! So based on what I’ve seen of Arrow, I think you’ll definitely like early Smallville. It has the same tone / origin story vibe, until it’s demographic seemed to shift from comic fans to teenage girls who were watching for Tom Welling.

          • Mike_5555

            I’m glad you like it! :)