The Flash Adds Two More To The Cast, The Second Half of Firestorm and Pied Piper

television-tv-news-and-talkToday some major casting news was reported for The Flash. Both reports come from TVLine, the first being Glee and Alias alumni, Victor Garber, has been cast as Dr. Martin Stein. Stein is also the other half of the hero known as Firestorm. We learned a few months back that Arrow‘s Stephen Amell’s cousin, Robbie Amell, was cast as Ronnie Raymond, the other half of Firestorm.

It is reported that this TV version of Dr. Stein, is a brilliant but arrogant nuclear physicist who has sacrificed everything, including a marriage, for his work in transmutation. After he discovers that S.T.A.R. Labs’ malfunctioning particle accelerator has fused him with the younger, more impulsive Ronnie Raymond (played by The Tomorrow People‘s Robbie Amell), the doc races to find a way to separate them before it’s too late. Garber will appear as Stein in the 12th episode of The Flash.

In addition to Firestorm now being complete, another Flash villain has been cast. That would be Pied Piper. Also coming from TVLine, Andy Mientus has been cast as the DC Comics villain and one of the original Rogues members, the Pied Piper. Also known as Hartley Hathaway, is a hearing impaired and an openly gay character in the DC Universe. These will also be characteristics of the TV version too.

One of DC’s original Rogues, Hartley is a bona fide genius who used to work at S.T.A.R. Labs until a falling out with his mentor, Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). The particle accelerator robbed Hartley of his hearing, but inspired him to create a series of sonic weapons that he uses in an effort to punish Wells by destroying his new protegé: The Flash.

It it looks like something big will be happening around the 12th episode of the season, as Mientus will be appearing in the 11th and 12th episodes. New episode premiere on Tuesdays at 8pm EST on The CW. (Source: TVLine 1|2)

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