SS210’s Five Video Game Franchises That Deserve A Movie Adaption

video-games-gaming-newsVideo game film adaptations have a bad history with gamer’s and movie goer’s alike. Which is funny when considering the majority of games are scripted perfectly for a feature film. You have a hero, a villain, a journey to save the day, a lost princess, and an endless variety of fantasy settings. Sadly though, the world has gotten films like, Mario Bros. and Street Fighter.

Fortunately, Hollywood has started to move in the right direction of actually trying to make a decent movie based off original game content, yet sadly have still fallen short from a film review perspective. Case in point, Resident Evil, Max Payne, Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider.

The future does have some honest potential though with the upcoming Uncharted film. So in honor of the games that have NOT received a movie but are perfect for a live action film, I thought we would make a list. Please add to it or debate the list of SS210’s five games that are begging for a movie deal!

* Note: Some of these films have been rumored to actually be moving forward, but as far as my knowledge have not been 100% green lit and/or are actively moving forward. As we all know sometimes movie projects simply fall through the cracks. So join us in discussion, do you agree with my picks? Think others should be chosen? Let us know.

#1 God Of War

With the recent box office success of the Clash of the Titans flicks,how many wouldn’t love to see Kratos on the big screen? The game’s ancient mythological Greece and epic action set piece settings would be quite the treat on the IMAX.

#2 BioShock

A man is the lone survivor from a crashed airline in the 1970’s over the Atlantic Ocean. He finds his way to some weird metal “island” that turns out to actually be an elevator to an underwater secret city gone horror movie style wrong…pretty creepy, original, and again creepy…I’m sure there would be an audience willing to buy a movie ticket for this on a Friday night. I think an actual trailer will give you all a better idea of the vibe that this film could bring.

#3 Dead Space

Let’s face it, horror movies usually suck, but they also usually do well at the box office. Also video game movies usually suck too. So what would a movie studio exactly have to lose here? It’s Event Horizon, Aliens, and The Walking Dead all wrapped up in one nice fright night package.

#4 Zelda

Yes that’s right I said it…just hear me out. With the recent success of the dark remake of Snow White and The Huntsman why couldn’t Hollywood give the Zelda franchise the same treatment? You have a fantasy world full of secret deserts ,oceans, goblins, and dragons. You have an evil sorcerer, a hero, and a victim princess.

#5 Grand Theft Auto

Choose any of developer RockstarGames’ Grand Theft Auto series. They all set the bar for what a good rise to the top crime saga should be.

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