First Look: Transformers Combiner Wars Deluxe Brake-Neck (aka Wildrider) Internet Exclusive

Along with Transformers Combiner Wars Deluxe Quickslinger (aka Slingshot) figure, we have a first look at the Deluxe Class Decepticon Brake-Neck (aka Wildrider). Both Brake-Neck and Quickslinger will be available as online exclusives starting on May 22 from online retailers including Amazon,, BigBadToyStore and more.

Like Quickslinger, Brake-Neck is one of the original Combiner team members that was missing from the first wave of Stunticons, replaced by Off Road. While Off Road is a nice looking Transformer, fans were, understandably, hoping to see a more traditional line-up. With wave two, they soon will.

Brake-Neck is a repaint of the Deluxe Class Transformer Dead End, but with a new head sculpt. Brake-Neck also includes some with the same accessories — weapon and Menasor hand/foot — as Dead End. Strangely enough, Hasbro decided to indicated on the packaging that Brake-Neck was a substitute for Dead End, instead of Off Road. Just kind of thought that was an interesting choice.

Sadly with the addition of Brake-Neck (aka Wildrider) it doesn’t fix any of the glaring issues with the combined form of Menasor. Menasor has many problems and feels cobbled together. While Menasor is problematic, the individual Stunticons are fantastic by themselves. If you are looking for a G1 line-up for the fan favorite Decepticon sub-team,you will want to pick Brake-Neck up when he’s officially released in a few weeks.

Fans can also look for Transformers May Mayhem celebration all month-long starting with Transformers Hall of Fame voting. The latest in the Combiner Wars storyline running in IDW Publishing’s comic book series. And lastly a new product reveal towards the end of the month taking place on the Transformers Facebook page.

* We would like to thank Hasbro and Hunter PR for providing this review sample and the opportunity to share with fans.

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