First Look – Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Karai Serpent

Karai Serpent is the next mutant to slither her way into Playmates’ Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line.

Making her debut in the Nick TMNT animated series episode titled New Girl in Town, Karai quickly catches both Leonardo’s and Shredder’s eyes. Karai’s presence results in a jockeying for her allegiance between the Turtles and Foot Clan and creates an inner struggle within her where she must choose between good and evil. Eventually, Karai is transformed to her mutant form–a serpent–in the second season episode Vengeance is Mine.

Playmates’ Karai Serpent figure is a solid on-model translation of the animated character. As with most of the mutants in the Nick Turtles line, the figure is a little undersized and lacks some paint apps in areas that could have used them, but it’s part of the line’s kid-targeted modus operandi. The Karai Serpent figure has great sculpt detail, especially the arms, which are scaled and have serpent hands. The characters unique shape means that the figure’s articulation is going to be somewhat limited, but Playmates did a good job squeezing some articulation into the figure at the waist, arms and head. The tail can also swivel, but it’s intended to be a way to package the larger figure more so than an articulation point.

Karai includes a head sculpt of her human form as well as a serpent “helmet” that fits over her head for her post-mutation serpent look. I appreciate the inclusion of both head options for a few reasons: first, you can display Karai as either a serpent or showing off her gradual mutation and second it opens the possibility for a human Karai figure since we’ve already got the head sculpt.

The Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Karai Serpent figure should be hitting store this spring.

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  • Didn’t realize the serpent head was a helmet design. Kind of weird. Man, I just want a human Karai!