A First Look at Optimus Prime From The Upcoming 2015 Transformers Cartoon

television-tv-news-and-talkLast week we first learned that the Transformers would be returning to television in a new animated series on The Hub. We also got our first look at what the animation will look like with an image of Bumblebee.

And now today, thanks to the latest issue of TV Kids Magazine, we have a look at Optimus Prime. To what capacity Optimus Prime will play in the new series remains to be seen. The first details tell us that Bumblebee will be the leader of a new group of Autobots.

The new Transformers series will take place in the same continuity of the recent Transformers Prime series that aired on The Hub until last year, but will take place a few years later. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the upcoming series in the coming months. You can check out the new image below of Optimus Prime, which also features Bumblebee. (Source: TV Kids)


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  • Nick

    That’s interesting. One of the creators(?) said that Bumblebee wasn’t entirely finished, at least what we had seen. But yet, this is on a magazine cover? I mean, Im not complaining about the design, I think it is a good mix of Animated and Prime and could look pretty good. But wondering what they meant. Either way, Transformers cartoon on what looks like a very established Cybertron is going to be awesome ^______^ And I give it at least until half of the season until they start talking about bringing Optimus back.

    • Nick

      Looking at the other pic again, there are very small differences in the designs. I mean, like a square here, some shading here, his fist closed completely. So maybe this is the actual final design? Still digging it.

      • It doesn’t look bad, it is pretty close to what was in Prime too, just not full on 3D rendering.

  • SS210

    I loved Transformers Prime and was very disapointed when that series finished (allthough in epic exit), so the first thing that made me happy was to hear that this new series would be in the same time line and some what of a continuation. The animation looks good. Cant wait for pilot!