First Look: Mattel Total Heroes Ultra Cyborg SDCC Exclusive

Mattel Total Heroes Ultra Cyborg SDCC Exclusive

As part of the San Diego Comic-Con After Party Sale on, we are treated to the inaugural SDCC exclusive from the DC Total Heroes Ultra brand: Cyborg. Like the other figures in the Ultra sub-series, the Total Heroes Ultra Cyborg figure includes extra sets of hands (3 sets to be exact) and heads for numerous display and play options. As an added aesthetic, the metallic parts of his costume are vac-metal, hearkening back to his Super Powers days. Also packed in this deluxe figure are all the tools he needs to get the heroic job done: a Sonic Scrambler, a Concussion Cannon, a Mega Blade, and a “flying” jetpack with airfoil wings.

As for as the Total Heroes Ultra figures are concerned, they are packed with a ton of play-value for their money and leave the popular retail figures in the dust, in my opinion. I am very excited for the brand, and Matty Collector has done a fantastic job of positioning these less-popular characters as the essential jewels of the DC Total Heroes collection. I can’t recommend Cyborg enough. If only the heroes on the shelves enjoyed the part-swapping and accessory-packed action of their Ultra companion pieces, this line could expand on its own toy magnificence.

Mattel’s DC Total Heroes Ultra Cyborg is available now, exclusively on

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