First Look: Mattel Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond

Mattel Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond

For the first time, everything one would expect from Batman Beyond spanning five Hasbro figures is consolidated in one deluxe entry with Mattel’s Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond figure.

Mattel’s Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond includes three heads: masked, unmasked Terry McGinnis, and for the first time, and unmasked Bruce Wayne! This Batman fights crime with four signature batarangs and his removable bat wings. Additional display options include multiple hands and a collapsed mask (as the appropriate companion piece for the unmasked heads). As an added bonus, Mattel even managed to squeeze in fellow Justice League member Micron for some team adventuring!

The Total Heroes Ultra series figures really makes one wonder if they are more important to acquire than the flagship characters sold at retail. Each entire has been packed with heads, hands, and accessories that easily make them worth their value. Batman Beyond is no exception. Two identities to display, a partner in justice, and his main gadgets at his disposal, Batman Beyond is another entry in what may be the dark horse selection for toy line of the year.

Total Heroes Ultra Batman Beyond will be available later this year only at

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  • MarkBentley5000

    what a piece of crap toyline, total kick in the nuts to those fans who were waiting on the Batman Beyond rerelease from Batman Unlimited with wings and closed mouth face sculpt.

    • I get the sense that these are more of a kids line than an adult collector line. They do have a very Kenner Batman feel to them, which I personally like. I understand why people are upset that these replaced what they wanted for Batman Beyond and DCUC, but I do think there are pretty cool for what they are.