First Look: Mattel Super Powers Superman

Mattel Super Powers Superman

Continuing our look at Mattel’s adieu to the DC Universe Classics line is the Super Powers Superman figure.

Mattel’s Super Powers Superman is painted a vibrant blue and red to match the Kenner-era counterpart. If you own any of Mattel’s DCUC figures, you know what to expect with the Super Powers Superman. If the Super Powers line will be your foray into DCUC, the figure is loaded with 19 points of articulation. The cape is made from a soft plastic that is glued into the back, but unattached on the shoulders. This allows the figure’s arms to move freely without being hindered by the cape.

While the figure doesn’t include any accessories, it does include the left leg required to construct the build-a-figure Kalibak. The Kalibak part is included in the mailer, secured in a piece of cardboard that also acts as a stabilizer for the beautiful homage to Kenner’s Super Powers card art. Again, the figure looks great, but the cardback recreating the entire Super Powers lineup–ala Mattel–is the absolute best part. We’re going to put a bug in Mattel’s ear at San Diego Comic-Con to offer a poster of the cardback, we like it so much.

Look for Mattel’s Super Powers Superman later this year on

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