First Look: Mattel Super Powers Batman

Mattel Super Powers Batman

With the finale of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics line coming this year, we take a look at the Super Powers Batman figure, one of the last six figures (seven if you count the Kalibak build-a-figure) in the DCUC line.

Mattel’s Super Powers Batman features a vibrant light blue paint scheme on the cowl, cape, gloves and boots modeled after Kenner’s 1984 figure. The Super Powers Batman figure includes 19 points of articulation for a wide variety of posing options. The figure has a soft plastic cape that sits around the neck which limits extreme articulation of the arms, but you’ll still be able to achieve a wide-range of poses. The plastic cape would have never worked in the ’80s because Batman would never be able to sit in his Batmobile, which we think is still among the best Batmobile designs in toy form ever made, As you guessed, chances of a Super Powers Batmobile from Mattel are slim with the end of the line nigh.

Other than his empty yellow Bat Belt Batman is accessory free–just like the ’80s Kenner figure. However, Batman does include the right arm required to construct the Kalibak build-a-figure exclusive to the Super Powers sub-line. The Kalibak arm is included in the mailer and secured in place by a piece of cardboard that also acts as a stabilizer for card. And the card… we can’t stop praising the card. It looks fantastic, especially the back with Matte’ls entire Super Powers lineup.

Look for Mattel’s Super Powers Batman later this year on

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