First Look: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Entrapta

Mattel Master of the Universe Classics Entrapta

In September, Catra will finally have her tricky golden partner-in-crime with the release of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics Entrapta figure.

Entrapta, The rebel trapper dresses to look like a million bucks, and probably robbed every piece of gold to achieve her flashy outfit. The gold is merely a distraction, however. What She-Ra needs to be mindful of are her lengthy pink tresses. Many collectors consider her prototype a home run in execution, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This review will be a bit more tempered in that regard. While she is a fantastic action figure overall, even her lustrous palette can be outshined by a subjective eye and personal preference.

If you have collected the other lovely ladies in the line, you know what to expect with the Masters of the Universe Classics Entrapta figure. Entrapta actually breaks tradition, however, and takes more palette influence from the vintage figure than Filmation. Being a Tricky Golden Beauty pretty much mandates which color scheme they went with. Entrapta’s ’80s doll look borrows a lot of visual aesthetics from Castaspella, but despite the part re-use so valued with Mattel, the thigh-high boots debuted with Entrapta. She takes a further departure from Castaspella’s toy design, both using the plain bracers and employing a unique bodice, replacing the central gem with the face of the Horde. Of course her most important feature is her two-bundled head of hair. Each pink tuft cascades down behind her, tethered in place by violet ribbon. The hair sculpt is a hard balance to strike; where it can look dynamic, but also difficult to display in a static pose. Scupltor Eric Treadway of Four Horsemen Studios expertly handled it. Entrapta’s hair looks relaxed but alive.

The paint was nicely applied. Her skirt has the pink/violet 50/50 split of the original toy. The cunning eyebrow lift on her right eye is a nice touch as well. Regarding her face, I wish her face was painted flesh-tone. It hurts the female faces, even one as nice as Entrapta’s. Moving on to her collar, belt, boots, and bracers, the gold is bright and lacks the dullness of She-Ra’s gold. Her bodice was painted a metallic violet, a first for the character. The explanation given is that all the gold of the vintage palette was too boring and overpowering on the Classics figure. Different golds could have remedied that, given the vintage Entrapta used a vac-metal silvery gold for her bracers, bodice, and boots. While Entrapta looks great, and the violet bodice does counterbalance all the pink hair brilliantly, I would have loved to have seen and all-toy or all-toon deco.

Entrapta’s articulation does not tread any new territory with the exception of her hair. Each bundle has a ball-joint at the scalp and one cut joint at the ends of her hair, where the hair is bound at the opposite end. Two joints may appear limiting, but you can get a surprising amount of battle poses with it. Budgeting all of the new pieces must have chewed into Entrapta’s budget, because that hair could have had some inventive points of articulation if the ribbons had a few tie-off points. Using the unique tooling available for the figure, instead of two unique bundles, I could envision two identical bundles, each with multiple points each. Personal preferences won’t diminish how fantastic the hair came out though. Overall, the joints were all tight, moved well, and even the substantial mane doesn’t cause balance issues.

Entrapta’s offensive weapons are limited to her wild locks. She also comes with her violet vintage shield and the FilMation He-Man artifact, the Shaping Staff. Many fans are pleased to give this highly-requested accessory to Evil-Lyn. Admittedly, it would have been fantastic to see what type of Horde crossbow the Horsemen could have created for Entrapta. Continuing the weapon-sharing of Flutterina, fans have finally found a home for She-Ra’s hatchet combs. Only Entrapta can have a melee weapon that also combs her hair. She intends to crush the Rebellion and look good doing it. Kudos to the fans who conceived this inventive use for She-Ra’s combs.

Club Etheria is making Princess of Power fans very happy campers, producing characters collectors of the brand never thought they’d see in the Masters of the Universe Classics collection. The Horde finally has their most beautiful member, completing the essential female members of the empire. She now starts a trend we have looked forward to since the line started. As we march into 2015, look forward to each faction of the Masters, Evil Warriors, Snake Men, Horde, and Great Rebellion come to a satisfying end.

Look for Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics Entrapta on in September.

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