First Look: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Ninja Warrior (Ninjor)

Mattel MOUTC Ninja Warrior

Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics Ninja Warrior or Ninjor if you’re going by the character’s name in the vintage MOTU toy line brings the MOUTUC line one step closer to completing the full vintage ’80s lineup.

Ninjor is a throwback to a time when pop culture trends dictated they types of characters that made their way into a toy line. While a ninja didn’t really fit into the Masters of the Universe style, karate and ninjas were cool in the ’80s and so we have a ninja warrior in the line.

Ninjor comes on a standard MOUTC buck and features removable upper-torso armor. The armor includes a slot where the figure’s quiver accessory attaches. While the quiver’s arrows are non-removable, the figure’s sword and bow can be stored on the quiver giving the figure that equipped ninja look similar to one of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Stormshadow figures. I’m not suggesting this is Stormshadow in any way, it’s just that the process of equipping the figure is reminiscent to equipping a G.I. Joe Stormshadow figure because it works so well.

Ninjor includes nunchucks but they aren’t constructed with a metal chain, which would have made them exponentially better. A switch-out “unmasked” portrait and a skirt piece, which are hidden in the packaging, come packed with Ninjor, as well. The alternate portrait and skirt are a treat because the portrait is based on the vintage-style Jitsu portrait for which the ’80s Ninjor and Jitsu figures shared tooling. For fans who didn’t like Mattel’s 200X take on the MOTUC Jitsu, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the unmasked head doesn’t match the skin tone of MOUTC Jitsu figure, however, the skirt looks fantastic on Jitsu–and Ninjor for that matter–and completes the 200X look of the character.

One thing exceptional about Ninjor is that the joints are all very tight and the figure balances really well. I was able to get Ninjor posed in some pretty dynamic poses that would otherwise require hand support and the figure stayed up effortlessly. Having a ninja figure that can stand in ninja-like poses is awesome. One other thing that I like about Ninjor is that he makes a good sidekick to Jitsu. In fact the generic nature of the hooded portrait makes having two “Ninja Warriors” flanking Jitsu in a prelude to battle pretty tempting and I can definitely see people opting to army build a ninja squad headed by Jitsu.

Ninjor is available first on Thursday, February 12 for Club Eternia subscribers with early access on, then to the general public on Monday, June 16.

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