First Look: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Hover Robots

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Hover Robots

Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics traveling convention exclusive for 2015 is the Hover Robots multi-pack. The pack will be available for purchase at any convention that Mattel attends, as well as on for MOUTC subscription holders, but I’ll touch more on that later.

The Hover Robots multi-pack includes three of Skeletor’s Hover Robots, stands, switch-out claws and a battle damage decal sheet. Each Hover Robot comes with the same clear plastic stand, which can be plugged into their “thruster” to give the illusion of hovering. No, these DO NOT hover on their own–that’s my attempt to make light at the fact that some people actually thought Mattel’s Back to the Future Hoverboard prop replica would actually hover. There are two unique pairs of claws included for each Hover Robot; one open set and one clinched set. The claws can be swapped out at the Hover Robot’s wrists in any combination and the claws then rotate at the wrist joint. Besides the swivel wrists, the Hover Robots have ball-hinged elbows and shoulders and a swivel head that can rotate 360-degrees.

A cool feature included on the Hover Robots is the lenticular sticker used on the mouth. When you tilt the robots around the electrical current moves as if their was really juice powering the figures. In addition to the lentiuclar sticker, which comes pre-applied, a decal sheet of battle damage effects is included. The effects included dents, scratches and burn marks, as well as holes exposing the robot innards. The battle damage decal sheet is a nice way to customize each Hover Robot and make it unique.

As a fan of the Masters of the Universe animated series, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of the Hover Robots and this multi-pack is a great way to army build another one of Skeletor’s evil devices. The Hover Robots are Mattel’s 2015 traveling exclusive so they’ll be for purchase at any convention that Mattel attends. In addition, subscribers to’s MOUTC Club Eternia and Club 200X will have the opportunity to purchase these online in the future (Club 200X Early Access beings in July at the start of the subscription), which brings me to another point. Today is the last day to subscribe for the Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X subscription so don’t forget to sub and get perks like early access to purchasing the Hover Robots when they go on sale on

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